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It’s Elementary: Dan Rabbit Talks Early Days of eOS

I recently had an opportunity to sit and chat with Daniel 'DanRabbit' Foré about many things. In this first part of the interview, we discuss elementary, his role in it, recent and future prospects...

12 June 2012
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If It’s Good Enough for Valve…

Several weeks back, there was an attempt by myself at an article regarding the prospects and influence Steam would have with Ubuntu. Due to scheduling issues the article never saw the light of day. Unfortunate, […]

25 April 2012
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Ubuntu Design: Micro, Macro

Ubuntu Precise, the “pixel perfect” release is in beta with release on the horizon. It's been two long years since Lucid and we are really seeing the evidence of that time being well spent. But just how well?

1 March 2012

To Our Friend Sam

Sam Spilsbury has been the lead of Compiz for as long as I’ve paid attention to it. His blog is one that I follow closely to get a bit of insight into the project. Normally […]

28 December 2011
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Desura’s Gem: It’s Like Steam Lite

Recently, the fine folk here at OMG! Ubuntu! shared the news that Desura had been released for Linux. The gamer in me squeed with joy at the news. The adult in me bemoaned the lack of […]

23 November 2011
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Linux Mint 12 RC: The Greatest Hits

First off, let me say that I am a guest poster and my opinions do not represent those of Ohso or any others writers here at OMG! Ubuntu! With all the Unity less-than-loving going around […]

15 November 2011
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Precisely What Version of GNOME Will Ship in Ubuntu 12.04?

What version of GNOME will ship in Ubuntu 12.04? That was the topic of discussion at one of today's Ubuntu Developer Summit sessions.

2 November 2011