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Firefox 5 released; faster release cycle and fewer features

It was only a few weeks ago that Firefox 4 was finally released after a development cycle lasting over a year. While Firefox 4 added features and speed, Mozilla believe more should be done to keep up with Google's increasingly popular browser, Chrome.

22 June 2011
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Open Morrowind 0.10.0 released, brings Elder Scrolls to Linux

The OpenMW project is creating a new open source engine for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind which will allow the game to run on Linux for the first time. And they've just announced their 010.0 release.

3 April 2011
Firefox 4 App Tabs

Firefox 4 released today; it’s faster & feature rich – is it enough to compete with Chrome?

Today marks the release of Mozilla's long awaited Firefox 4. This new version of Firefox boasts that it's faster and simpler to use, as well as introducing a few new features, most notably, Firefox Sync. But is it good enough to compete with Google Chrome?

22 March 2011