The French Ubuntu community is celebrating the release of Ubuntu 23.10 in style, with the launch of a brand new t-shirt.

Available in a variety of sizes, the charcoal grey shirt carries a custom design featuring a minotaur (of course) in classic dress looking très mantic.

An ancient-looking scroll bears the version number in Roman numerals near the neckline, and a similar scroll sits at the bottom to convey the codename.

Ubuntu 23.10 t-shirt from Ubuntu-fr

Ubuntu-fr has produced a tie-in tee for each Ubuntu release since 2020, each adorned with bespoke artwork riffing on the release codename.

Since it’s no longer possible to buy official Ubuntu merchandise from Canonical, community-based efforts such as this are great to see and enable us to get a Linux-y fashion fix.

Plus, buying the t-shirt helps support the Ubuntu-fr association, who promote and advocate for the use of Ubuntu at conventions and events held in France.

The shirt is available in an array of sizes spanning XS to 3XL in a tubular unisex fit made from 100% organic cotton.

Each shirt costs €20 plus shipping. The shirt is available to buy and shipping begins November 10, 2023. UK readers should factor in any customs fees (in addition to shipping) as those aren’t included in the purchase price.

Show your Ubuntu pride to your work colleagues, your friends, or just the family cat!

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