We’re a-go — development has officially started on Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur”.

“We’re pleased to announce that Mantic Minotaur is now open for development. auto-sync has been enabled and will run soon”, Ubuntu’s Graham Inggs’ writes in a post on Ubuntu’s main development mailing list.

“As usual, we expect a large influx of builds and autopkgtests in this initial period, which will cause delays. Please help with fixing any breakage that occurs,” they add.


Haha, don’t be — not yet! 😉

At this formative stage in development there isn’t anything “new” for me to mention, much less screenshot for your ocular enjoyment. However, if you’re big into bug hunting then this is prime season so feel free to jump in and start squashing as soon as you’re able.

The final stable version of Ubuntu 23.10 is due to be released on October 12, 2022 — a touch earlier than when most October release typically emerge (or maybe I’m just getting so old everything feels too soon).

Other notable dates in the planned release schedule include a feature freeze date of August 17; UI freeze on September 7; and kernel freeze on September 28. The first (and only) beta milestone targets a September 21 release date.

Daily builds of Ubuntu 23.10 will be available to download from the Ubuntu image servers once tooling and initial imports are complete. I’ll likely post about those once they appear, so keep yer peepers’ peeled (as they say – no idea why as peeling eyes sounds painful).

So yeah, here we go again — be sure to drop your hopes and wishes for the upcoming cycle down in the comments section. While a newer Linux kernel and GNOME 45 are a given, there’s scope for more interesting changes, especially as this is the last release before next year’s LTS.

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