A new version of free, open-source video editor OpenShot is available to download.

OpenShot 3.1 is primarily a bug-fix update to last year’s OpenShot 3.0 release, which was notable for introducing several major improvements including enhanced real-time video playback, support for multithreaded video codecs, and several significant buffs to the timeline.

But there are some notable additions to talk about.

Export options are expanded by the addition of more than 400 export profiles. These profiles cover an array of common resolution/frame rates/aspect ratios and the profiles are fully searchable, making it easy to find the one you’re looking for.

OpenShot 3.1 also includes a new time remapping implementation that, devs say, is less crash prone and ‘more robust’. It includes audio resampling support for backward and forward videos, and time keyframes using Bezier curves to help speed-ramp content with precision.

Other changes include multi-step undo/redo, support for VTT/Subrip captions, visible waveforms for audio-only files, and better handling of clip splitting. This update also adds a number of new emoji, symbols, arrows, etc, tweaked support for keyboard arrow keys, and better handling of Blender animated titles.

Finally, each OpenShot update arrives making big claims about stability, and this one is no exception. Devs say they “identified and fixed ALL known memory leaks” in OpenShot thereby making the app better at running for long-periods and handling day-long renders. As always, your milage may vary.

More details can be found in the blog post announcing this update, as well as the change-log for OpenShot 3.1 viewable on GitHub.

Install OpenShot 3.1

OpenShot 3.1 is free, open source software available to download on Windows, macOS, and Linux from the OpenShot website download page. On Linux, the editor is available to download as a distro-agnostic AppImage.

On an Ubuntu-based distro (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above)? You can use the official OpenShot Stable PPA to install OpenShot 3.1. Jut open a terminal and run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openshot.developers/ppa
sudo apt update && sudo apt install openshot-qt python3-openshot

Once install is complete launch OpenShot from the applications menu.

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