Ubuntu 22.04 won’t come with settings to enable Ubuntu Pro available out of the box, as originally planned.

This is a minor change that won’t affect a great many people as, thus far, it was only something those testing the latest daily builds of the upcoming release will have had access to.

But I felt I should mention it “publicly” since I did make a bit of a hoo-hah about the (overly persistent) Ubuntu Pro notification that appeared every time you logged in.

This persistent prompt plagued daily builds

Feature freeze exceptions requesting the removal of Ubuntu Pro settings in Software & Updates, and the login notification are now pending and are pretty much guaranteed to be granted.

Why the yank so late in the development cycle? Canonical’s Robert Ancell explains:

“Due to backend delay, we want to remove the Ubuntu Pro settings and only show Livepatch settings as were previously shown. This feature will be re-added at a future time.”

Worried you’ll be missing out?

You won’t.

Ubuntu Pro support is not something most “regular” users need. Ubuntu Pro, which seems to be the/a new name for Ubuntu Advantage, is primarily aimed at enterprise/business users and those with very stringent security needs. Ubuntu Pro/Advantage is a paid offering but is also available for free (with some caveats) to home users too.

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