a photo of the PinePhone keyboard case open

PinePhone owners can finally get their hands on a physical keyboard case designed exclusively for use with the FOSS-friendly handset.

This official keyboard accessory is compatible with all version of the PinePhone released to date, from the early batch of BraveHeart devices through to the ‘convergence’ edition, as well as the forthcoming PinePhone Pro.

Don’t picture some sort of generic bluetooth keyboard with a feeble phone holder here. Oh no; this thing is custom engineered for this device, and this device only.

You pop the PhonePhone’s back cover off to attach the PinePhone keyboard, which connects through the phone’s internal pogo pins (added to enable the creation add-ons such as this one). A 6000mAh battery and USB Type-C port are built-in to the keyboard (which lets charge the keyboard and phone batteries simultaneously).

a photo of the pinephone keyboard case shut
Clamshell closed (image: Pine64)

You can close the keyboard case and phone clamshell-style. In some ways, the case turns the PinePhone into a mini laptop. Open firmware powers the peripheral meaning that anyone with the skills can add or augment to its feature set.

Launching the PinePhone keyboard case on its blog, Pine 64 note add that the 180-degree hinge “…not only allows for two-hand typing on a surface but also for comfortable thumb-typing when fully extended. The etched keycaps can be easily relocated for alternate layouts such as AZERTY or QWERTZ.”

Interested? You can buy the PinePhone keyboard case from the Pine64 online store. It is currently listed for $49.99 (regular price will be $69.99). Shipping costs will be added, and other fees may apply.

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