a screenshot of video trimmer 0.7.0

Video Trimmer is a GTK app for …You don’t actually need me to explain it, right? 😉 Anyway, it recently got an update with a couple of neat improvements and I thought I’d give ’em a quick shout out.

Among the changes offered in Video Trimmer 0.7.0 is a new checkbox for “accurate trimming with re-encoding” to the output file selection dialog. Whenever you need a frame-perfect result you may want to make use of this option — though it can sometimes result in lower quality, so YMMV.

As well as more accurate trimming, the look of the app has been given a once-over. The design of Video Trimmer is said to better match the GNOME Adwaita theme, and the app now sports a dark style/dark mode (and uses this by default, in-keeping with other editing tools).

Finally, the app makes finding your exports a touch easier. When video trimming is complete the app shows a(n in-app) notification. As of this release that notification gains a “Show in Files” button. This lets you quickly locate the resulting clip.

Fancy getting up close with it? You’ll find the latest release of Video Trimmer on Flathub, and source code on Gitlab.

A few alternatives to Trimmer include LosslessCut and Qt tool Plumber. And don’t forget that most desktop video editors work fine for quick edits (though they’re more of a big hammer for a little nail in this instance).

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