Screenshot showing Nautilus 40.2 on Ubuntu 21.10

Nautilus 40 is winging its way to the Ubuntu 21.10 daily builds.

While it’s arrival isn’t the most newsworthy event set to occur this cycle, Nautilus 40 carries a small crop of improvements and features that Impish daily testers will want to have a play about with.

Such as?

Well, this update to the famed file manager finally lets you sort files by creation date in the list view (a long-standing ask); is said to relay ‘more accurate’ file transfer and copy estimates; and improves tab completion in the location entry bar (accessed by pressing ctrl + l).

Another area of improvements is the file conflict dialog. This appears when you try to copy or move a file or folder to that has the same name as an existing file or folder. In Nautilus 40 you still get the option to replace or rename the file, but you now the ability to specify a replacement name, as this screenshot shows:

a screenshot of the file conflict dialog in Nautilus 40 on Ubuntu 21.10 daily builds
File conflict dialog in Nautilus 40

Nautilus 40 also gains built-in .zip extraction feature that supports password-protected .zip files; and a single-page redesign of Nautilus’ preferences panel makes it easier to find specific settings.

I should stress that the upcoming Ubuntu 21.10 release could (if all goes well) ship with Nautilus 41 by October, so consider Nautilus 40 an interim arrival or placeholder of sorts for now.

In case you missed it, Ubuntu 21.10 got GNOME 40 a few weeks back.

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