Dash to Panel on GNOME 40

Dash to Panel now works with GNOME 40 — hurrah!

The latest update to the perennially popular GNOME Shell extension introduces full support for the rejigged GNOME 40 desktop, including its horizontal workspace switcher and immersive app launcher.

I tried the release out on my Fedora install and I am pleased to say that most of Dash to Panel’s settings are present and working in GNOME 40 too. This includes intellihide, configurable panel colour and transparency, and on-hover window previews.

Dash to panel working with gnome 40
Dash to Panel 43 works on GNOME 40

Although the stock configuration works flawlessly (for me, anyhow) I did notice that customising certain settings does introduce a few minor bugs or inconsistencies.

For instance, when enabling custom opacity (for that peer-through-panel effect I love) the animation for exiting the workspace switcher and applications grid stutters. That’s not exactly a show-stopping issue for me. And with so many combinations of settings available these kind of edge-case bugs are to be expected.

We previewed the effort to get Dash to Dock working with GNOME 40 a few months back. Though promising (and broadly functional) that work remains confined to a development branch at the time of writing.

Not so with Dash to Panel v43. This update is available to install on compatible Linux distros direct from the GNOME Extensions website.

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