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A new version of gThumb, the GTK-based photo manager and image viewer for Linux desktops, is now available to download.

gThumb 3.11.2 is a modest update – i.e. don’t expect any revolutionary new features – but it builds on the client’s existing strengths and fills in a few gaps functionality-wise.

For instance, the image viewer component of gThumb now uses a proportional zoom increment, and keeps ‘the same pixel under the pointer after zooming’.

Colour profiles from PNG files are also now readable by the app.

gThumb lets you manager more than photos, so fans of moving images will appreciate that accurate seeking in the media viewer’s progress bar is included, as is the ability to see the time under the pointer when hovering over the progress bar.

Elsewhere the app picks up navigational support for back and forward mouse buttons, and adds an option to show or hide the status bar.

Bugs fixes include issues with visual artefacts in the image viewer; the import tool being opened twice; and counting duplicate files in the search feature.

Getting gThumb 3.11.2

Older versions of gThumb are included in the Ubuntu repos, and can be installed from the Ubuntu Software app or by running this command:

sudo apt install gthumb

If you want to run the latest version with all the improvements mentioned above… Well, that’s where things get tricky. For now you can download gThumb source code and compile the app by hand (though this isn’t for the feint of heart).

As of writing there’s no official gThumb Flatpak or Snap package.

And while it’s possible that gThumb 3.11.2 will be packaged up for easy-install in the third-party gThumb PPA we mentioned last year — keep an eye out, and let me know if you see it land — that’s not an option right now.

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