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Ubuntu 21.04 daily builds are now available for download, kickstarting official development on the release that devs have dubbed the ‘Hirsute Hippo’.

A new live .ISO will be produced each day between now and mid April, which is when the final stable release of Ubuntu 21.04 is due for release.

There’s not an awful lot of “new” stuff to see in the images at the time of writing but that will change as development kicks into gear, new apps are packaged, and upstream development trickles on down.

Many testers install an early daily build and update it every day until the final, stable release arrives — though naturally there’s high chance of hitting bugs, breakages and other bumps in the road during the ride to release town!

Download Ubuntu 21.04 Daily Builds

As you can glean from their name Ubuntu daily builds are not final, finished, or bug-free releases and should not be considered stable (especially early in the development cycle).

Do not install a Ubuntu 21.04 daily build as your main OS (or the main OS on mum’s/boyfriend’s/boss’s laptop). Use a separate partition, a dedicated development device, or a virtual machine if possible — and remember to make backups of anything important.

Also keep in mind that daily build quality can vary day to day. You are likely to encounter usability and/or stability issues as and when features are added (or in some cases removed).

All of that caution out of the way you’re welcome to click the button below to download the latest image, flash it to a USB stick, and get stuck in!

Download Ubuntu 21.04 Daily Build (64-bit .iso)

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