An updated install image of the latest elementary OS release is now available to download.

Anyone currently running elementary OS 5.1 won’t need to do anything upon hearing this news as all of the updates within the re-spun .iso have been pushed out as regular system updates.

This updated ISO includes a major security fix, app updates, and Linux Kernel 5.3

But anyone looking to install elementary 5.1 fresh should use this image. Why? Because it features a stack of security fixes, app updates, and — rather excitingly — the latest hardware enablement (HWE) stack courtesy of Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

Yes, that means Linux kernel 5.3 is available out of the box, bringing some notable hardware improvements with it, including support for newer MacBook modes ,and AMD Navi GPUs.

elementary OS 5.1.2 “…comes pre-built with all of the latest goodies from the January updates, as well as a few important hardware and security updates. These include the latest 18.04.3 hardware enablement (HWE) stack provided by Ubuntu, plus a security fix for sudo, ” writes Keli Grubb, a developer with the elementary OS project.

Get elementary OS 5.1.2

As mentioned, if you already run elementary OS you should be up-to-date already (if not, run a system update via the App Center to get all of the goodies featured here).

Folks can download the fresh elementary OS 5.1.2 .iso direct from the elementary website. It’s provided on a “pay what you want” basis but you can get a free download just by entering ‘0’ as the cost amount.

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