Disney+ now works on Linux desktops like Ubuntu and Fedora, no wonky Wine-powered workarounds required.

Linux users can now stream Disney+ content, including acclaimed Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’ on Linux

Disney launched its new video streaming service in the USA and Canada last month to much hype and attention (it scores 10 million subscribers in the first day alone).

But many Linux users in those countries who’d been hoping to tune in to watch shows like The Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series were left disappointed.

For although rival streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime work “out of the box” on Linux in web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Disney+ didn’t.

The reason? Its DRM settings were a little too strict.

But like the last act of a good Disney film, there’s now a happy ending!

Linux users can sign up for, sign in to, and (at last) stream Disney+ movies and tv shows in compatible browsers on modern Linux distros like Ubuntu. A subscription to the service is still (naturally) required, and access varies by locations.

But other than that Disney Plus now “just works” on Linux!

Word of Disney+’s newly sprung support for Linux systems came via a tweet by Justin Garrison, an engineer for the streaming service:


Being in the UK I can’t personally tell you how well the service is working — Disney+ doesn’t launch here until March 2020 — but other Linux users (in places where the service is live) back the news up:

And compatibility arrives just in time for xmas, how sweet!

Will Linux support entice you to subscribe to Disney+?

*I appreciate that some may consider using Widevine DRM a “workaround”

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