A new version of the ArcMenu GNOME Shell extension is now available from the GNOME Extensions website (EGO).

ArcMenu 38 touts a couple of really interesting changes, including a crop of new app menu layouts inspired by other operating systems and desktop environments.

Now, if you checked out the previous release of ArcMenu back in October then you’ll be more than familiar with the configurable set of app menu layouts it introduced.

But if you’re not? It’s something that makes the extensions really worth checking out, particularly if you’re into desktop customisation and theming.

The latest version of the app menu add-on arrive with 3 new menu layouts: Budgie, Windows 10 and KRunner.

ArcMenu’s Andy C says the addition of these new options “round off a full suite of menu layouts to give our users a wide choice of styles and layouts.”

Other changes in this ArcMenu update include:

  • Super + L and Super + R hotkey rework
  • New “menu alignment” setting
  • Alternative menu button icon
  • Menu button icon padding setting
  • “Gap adjustment” setting
  • Several tool tip tweaks

ArcMenu is a free, open source software designed for the GNOME Shell desktop environment.

The latest version of the add-on is available to install from the GNOME Extensions website (below) on GNOME Shell 3.28 and above.

Get ArcMenu from GNOME Extensions

The add-on is also available to download from GitLab, where bug reports and code contributions can also be made:

Visit ArcMenu on GitLab

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