ImCompressor is a new lossless image compressor for Linux desktops inspired by apps like Trimage and other photo optimising tools.

It’s written with Python and GTK and designed to the GNOME HIG. This means the app looks great and integrates well on modern Linux distros like Fedora and Ubuntu.

The design of the app makes it incredibly simple to use, too.

Open ImCompressor and drag and drop jpeg and png images on to the window (or select files through the in-app file picker) to quickly, losslessly, optimise them, i.e. reduce image file size without affecting the overall image quality.

If you’re the sort of person who compresses a lot of images on Linux, and do it often, you’ll probably find the advanced functionality of command-line image compression tools superior to the streamlined set on offer here.

But that’s not a negative; while these are similar tools they’re aimed at different use cases entirely. ImCompressor is user-friendly, simple to use, and gives decent results making it the fast, fuss-free option.

If you’re a blogger, making a website, or just trying to stay bandwidth conscious, ImCompressor is a tool well worth adding to your digital toolbox.

ImCompressor is free open source software whose source code can be found on Github. The app can be installed from Flathub, the Flatpak app store, on pretty much any distro that supports it.

View ImCompressor on Flathub

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