If you’ve been longing to learn a little bit more about the all-new NexDock 2, TK over at XDA Developers has you covered.

Now, the following video isn’t new to the world (it was published when the NexDock 2 Kickstarter was still running) but it is new to me.

And I think it offers a well rounded overview of the device, no blushes spared — which makes it a must-see for anyone debating buying the device itself.

The NexDock 2 crowdfunding swiftly met its goal earlier this year (no major shock as there’s little else like it out there to my knowledge).

A 13.3-inch laptop shell that lets you use smartphones and single-board PCs as fully-fledged computers. The NexDock provides the screen, keyboard and trackpad, and your phone or Raspberry Pi provides the brain.

Every time I see the dock in action I want one. And that want goes double since the launch of the Raspberry Pi 4 and its touted desktop-class performance…

Anyway, if you want one you can have one.

All of the early-bird saver deals are over (sob) but you can pre-order the NexDock 2 at its RRP of $229 minus shipping over on the official NexDock website.

Pre-order the NexDock 2

The first batch of devices are set to ship in October 2019.

H/T Alexi

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