A raft of really useful software I’ve mentioned on the site before have scored updates over the past few weeks, so in this post I round ’em up and tell you what’s new!

Notable for this release recap, all of the apps in this list are available to install from Flathub, the go-to Flatpak app store.

Not a fan of Flatpak? Developers might not think there’s demand for a differing format, so if you long to sample their software as a Snap or would prefer a PPA, let them know!


Shotcut 19.06 (Video Editor)

The free, cross-platform and open-source Shotcut video editor continues to improve at pace, something that its latest release proves.

Shotcut 19.06.15 carries a crop of enhancements to the editor’s core feature set, and introduces a couple of new features too:

  • Timeline/Keyframe rulers now at 5 second intervals
  • Several video filters renamed for clarity
  • Improved ‘export job’ progress
  • 3 new blur filters (exponential, low pass, gaussian)
  • Toolbar customisation options (show/hide text; small icons)
  • Improved crop filter
  • ‘Vertical flip’ video filter
  • New noise filters
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts

Is all that enough to tear you away from Kdenlive? Why not find out; you can install Shotcut on Ubuntu through Flathub or the Snapcraft store.

A Shotcut AppImage is also available should you prefer your software standalone.

Fondo 1.3.0 (Wallpaper App)

We spotlighted the handy Fondo wallpaper app a couple of months back, noting how it makes finding high-quality wallpapers for the Linux desktop a totally doddle.

That post didn’t garner much interest — which is fine; you all hate my obsession with wallpapers — but I have to write about the latest release as it expands the tool’s capabilities in a number of ways.

The Fondo 1.3.0 release adds: photo history (so you need never lose a fave photo again); an improved bottom bar for navigating the app; and new ‘Orientation’ filters.

Fondo is powered by the free photography site Unsplash. To help folks learn more about a photo they like the app adds a “detail” popup in full screen mode.

Fondo is free, open-source software and is available to install from Flathub.

Fondo on Flathub

Foliate 1.3.0 (ePub Reader)

I could barely contain my enthusiasm for the Foliate ebook reader when I wrote about it last month. This terrifically designed ePub reader for the Linux desktop comes replete with all essential features one expects, including custom fonts, page layouts, progress, etc.

Now the app adds a new chapter to its story — oh, don’t groan, i’m working with what’ve got 😆 — with the release of Foliate 1.3.0.

New: margin tweaks and brightness options

The update, among other changes, adds options to adjust page margins and tweak page brightness, and picks up support for custom themes (go neon or go home).

Images embedded within ePubs can now be zoomed in on and copied, the latter feature being useful to students working with reference texts.

Finally, curious how long it’ll take you to finish reading a book? Hover over the reading progress slider to reveal an estimated ‘reading time left’ count.

Foliate is free, open source software. It’s available to install from Flathub on supported Linux distributions (including Ubuntu).

Foliate on Flathub

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