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Possible new logotype

Last month we mentioned that the folks involved with Fedora were scoping out feedback on a potential redesign of the Fedora logo and typeface.

A number of possible designs were put forward, and based on the reaction the post got it’s clear a lot of you had very strong opinions on the revamp ideas!

Well, things have moved on a bit since then.

In a ‘logo redesign update‘ posted to her blog, Fedora’s Máirín Duffy sheds more light on the design process behind the new logo, and touches on the complexities and challenges that arise from handling an iconic brand mark.

She also reveals that the choice of possible new designs has been narrowed down based on the feedback received thus far.

The current crop of candidates for the new logo and typeface are as follows:

fedora new logo candidates

The new designs don’t stray too far from the incumbent design, but they’re not the same either. Máirín’s blog post offers a better overview of the iterations and the reasoning behind them.

fedora logomarks

As Duffy emphasises: this is not a vote. Fedora isn’t looking for a show of hands so it can pick which design the most people like; the team is looking for feedback, or as Duffy puts it: “brain food for making [the logo] better!”.

But if you’re a faithful member of the Fedora flock and have constructive suggestions or can highlight problems with any of the new proposals be sure to get involved in the conversation — the entire endeavour is a community collaboration.

Image Credits: Mairin Duffy

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