A t-shirt bearing the Ubuntu 18.10 mascot design has gone on sale.

Canonical’s online shop has added a dark blue shirt overlaid with an orange cuttlefish design, the same one used on the official Ubuntu 18.10 wallpaper.

The official Ubuntu 18.10 t-shirt
Cosmically Cotton

The reverse of each 100% cotton tee bears the Ubuntu brand mark and text that reads “Cosmic Cuttlefish 18.10”.

The shirt is both unisex and available in sizes small through quad XL. This should ensure there’s a comfy fit for virtually everyone (though, alas, not me – I’m an XS, and “small” is just too dang big).

As well as making a great xmas gift idea an Ubuntu-loving loved one, the shirt is also a novel way to communicate your computing preferences to the wider world as you go about your shopping in Walmart, or as a certified conversation starter at tech conferences.

Ubuntu mascot t-shirts aren’t a new thing. Canonical has made and sold official mascot tees for each release of Ubuntu for as far back as Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, released in 2008.

You can see a selection of previous designs in the collage below — kudos if you can name the release that each one belongs to!

ubuntu mascot t-shirts

Costly Cuttlefish

If there’s a sting in the tentacle of this otherwise terrific bit of apparal it’s the price.

Each Ubuntu 18.10 shirt costs £18.24 ($23.89 and €20.61), the same price as the Ubuntu mascot tee for the ‘Bionic Beaver’.

This price does not include shipping costs or any other applicable charges meaning the total you pay will be more,  particularly if you’re located outside of the UK.

For more details on costs, shipping and sizing do head on over to official Canonical shop, linked below:

Buy the Ubuntu 18.10 Mascot T-Shirt

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