Sure icon set gets more file type mimes

Work on the new Ubuntu icon theme is beginning to pick up steam.

As you may know, developers plan to revamp the look and feel of Ubuntu for its next release by shipping the new Communitheme GTK and GNOME Shell theme and the new Suru icon set by default.

In a sign that the revamp is on track, the Suru icon theme recently expanded its coverage to provide icons for more file types.

Among the file format extensions now covered by Suru-themed icons are torrent files, Snap apps, presentations, as well as a batch of development files, including sass, less, c# and java.

more suru filetype icons
A sneaky peeky

If Suru is to become the default icon set in Ubuntu it has to offer broad, comprehensive coverage of apps, files and folders.

This latest update to the glyph pack, though perhaps a little niche for many, is a strong step towards that.

Try Suru Today

You don’t have to wait until the release of Ubuntu 18.10 to try Suru or the new Communitheme out. It’s possible to install both on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using the Communitheme Snap session.

We made installing the Communitheme session one of our things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04).

Do note that you won’t see some of the news icons mentioned in this post right away (though the beauty of Snaps mean things can be updated more frequently, so it won’t be long before you do).

The Suru icons set uses the Ubuntu Mono Dark/humanity icon theme as a fallback, inheriting those icons where a Suru-themed equivalent is unavailable.

Sure is still a work in progress

The Suru icon theme is still very much a work in progress. Any icons you see in the screenshot above are subject to change, refinement, dramatic redesign, etc.

It’s also important to note that the official Suru icon set does not include icons for third-party and/or branded apps like Rhythmbox, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and the utterly pointless Amazon web-app launcher.

There’s an outside chance that the Suru icon theme could be forked by Communitheme developers for use in Ubuntu 18.10 in order to include icons for Ubuntu apps whose “branded” status is a little more fluid (e.g.,  Rhythmbox and Shotwell) but which the upstream Suru icon theme is not going to include.

Do you think Suru should include icons for Shotwell, Rhythmbox and Cheese?

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