zafiro icon theme

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Numix, Papirus and Suru icon themes for Linux be sure to check out the Zafiro icons set.

The pack is described as providing “minimalist icons created with the flat-desing (sic) technique, with washed out colors and always accompanied by white. the priority is simplicity”.

And on the simplicity front I think it succeeds. The set eschews the gaudy colors and irregular shapes used in other themes for an understated and soft aesthetic.

As Zafiro is a relatively new icon theme so you can expect gaps in the amount of apps the pack covers. That said the developer is open to suggestions via Github, so if you fall in love with the set but have an icon request, do let him know.

Get Zafiro

To install Zafiro icons on Ubuntu just download the latest release from Github using this link.

Once downloaded just extract the .zip file to the ~/.local/share/icons directory in your Home folder.

Finally, to switch icon theme on Ubuntu, use an app like Tweaks (aka GNOME Tweak Tool).

Is this theme good enough to make our list of the best icon themes for Ubuntu? Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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