A super nerdy new feature will ship in GIMP 2.10, the next major release of the hugely popular open-source image editor.

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It’s called ‘Dashboard’ and it is a dockable dialog that provides at-a-glance info on how GIMP is using cache and swap space.

GIMP devs say the feature could be useful for anyone looking to improve the performance of GIMP as it lets them see how the editor copes with the default settings. I imagine the feature will also prove popular with developers who work on GIMP, too!

You can see the Dashboard dialog in action in this short video:

If you often work with full-size camera files and high-resolution projects in GIMP you might have, form time to time, encountered slow downs. This typically happens when the allocated swap space or cache fills up.

Although this new dashboard widget won’t auto-fix the issue it will take the guess work out of knowing whether any performance issues are related to the cache or swap space. And, if it is, you’ll know to increase the amount of space you make available to GIMP, resulting in an instant performance boost.

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