ataribox controller

Back in September we wrote about the Ataribox, a new Linux-powered console from Atari — today we get a look at its new joystick.

Over on Facebook Atari shows off the new Ataribox Joystick that will (presumably) come bundled with the video games (and home entertainment) machine when it goes on sale next year

If you’ve been sleeping under a pile of E.T. carts, the Ataribox is pitched as the “ultimate video game & entertainment box”, offering classic Atari games, thousands of PC & indie games, and streaming apps from major content providers.

New Atari Joystick

Now, the photos of the new Atari joystick do pose a couple of niggle questions, none of which we (yet) have answers to.

For one, the joystick is clearly not designed for modern gaming. Anyone wanting to play Rocket League on the Ataribox with this joystick will struggle, what with it having just a single trigger button (even the Amstrad GX4000 controller had two buttons).

the new atari joystick for the ataribox

But, as some on Facebook point out, it’s likely that Atari will bundle their new Joystick for use with whatever selection of retro Atari games come pre-installed on the device, rather than hard-core FPS gaming.

Plus, as the Ataribox runs Linux under the hood, there’s technically no reason why whichever controller you currently use to play Steam games wouldn’t also work with it.

Ataribox Survey

the ataribox runs linux

Also of note, as our buddies over at Gaming on Linux point out, Atari is currently running a survey right now. 

The team want to find out the sort of features and use-cases potential buyers (i.e. you) consider important. If you’d like to ensure there’s unfettered access to the Linux distro running on the box head over to the form and make your voice heard…


Atari Facebook via Gaming on Linux

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