Update: The day after this article was published The Document Foundation decided to “end this phase early” due to criticism.

Original article is below.

libreoffice mascot shortlist
The 12 shortlisted mascot designs

If you have anything approaching a memory you may recall that The Document Foundation is on the hunt for a LibreOffice mascot.

Ring any bells? It almost didn’t for me, despite having written about the contest a couple of times previously (here and here)!

I had forgotten all about the competition until today, when reader (and regular commenter) Biky A., let me know that the competition has moved on its next stage.

Despite gathering feedback through survey longer than most modern novels, a staggering 27,000 people gave their feedback on the 300 entries entered.

Based on that feedback a shortlist of 2 LibreOffice mascots has been presented — and you’re once again being invited to give your feedback!

You can add your thoughts/comments on the 12 shortlisted designs over on the site below. You will need to sign-up for an account to be able to vote. This phase of the contest will end on December 17.

LibreOffice Mascot Voting thing

After the “iteration phase” is complete and feedback sealed in the seven most popular designs will be presented to The Document Foundation members. They will “select the LibreOffice mascot” which will be put forward to the board of directors, who will either yay or nay the selected design.

Why does LibreOffice need a mascot?

As I’ve stressed previously this is NOT a contest to find a new logo for LibreOffice. It’s a contest to find a mascot for the LibreOffice project. Think Konqi, the KDE mascot.

But you may be wondering why The Document Foundation want a mascot for LibreOffice in the first place.

Helpfully The Document Foundation’s They explain it thusly:

“The mascot competition was initiated because the common and well-known logo for The Document Foundation (TDF) must be used exactly as it is. Modifications to this icon, for instance with colors of a country, are not permitted. On the other hand, we understand the interest in a symbol that serves both intentions, identification with LibreOffice on the one hand, and customization for the specific purpose such as the region. And that’s what the mascot should become.”

Makes sense, right? A cute little companion that can be used on conventions banners and social media covers and maybe even rock up as a playable character in awesome open-source kart racing game SuperTuxKart!

Thanks Biky A.