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The goal: a ‘pure’ Linux Phone

Crowdfunding for the Purism 5 Linux phone has soared past $200,000 — and is on course to succeed.

The campaign for a secure, privacy-focused Linux phone has an overall goal of $1.5 million.

In a campaign update Purism say this puts them “…way ahead of the expected trend line to succeed.”

Momentum is vital in crowdfunding. Purism hit the $100,000 milestone in under 100 hours.

“we are way ahead of the expected trend line to succeed,” Purism say

But despite the success thus far the open-source computing company is keen to stress that this remains an “all-or-nothing campaign” — if they don’t raise the full $1.5 million they don’t get anything.

”From discussing with supporters, it seems many have been waiting to see if the campaign is going to get to 100% before committing,” they say.

“The campaign is a no-risk, all-or-nothing campaign: if you back the campaign using a credit card, we only pre-authorize your card; we will not (and cannot) charge your card until we cross the goal.”

“Which means, you get to show your support early and get all the other “wait-and-see” folks to pile on! Feel free to back this campaign now (and pay later). Be the change you want to see!”

There are still 43 days to go in the campaign which, if completed, plans to ship its first phones in early 2019.

To learn more about the device, including possible hardware specs, pledge levels and more, head over to the Purism Librem 5 crowdfunding page:

Visit the Purism Librem 5 Crowdfunding Page

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