ant gtk theme

Between Arc, Adapta and Numix it kind of feels like Linux has the whole flat GTK theme thing covered.

But proving their’s always room for one more is Ant.

Ant is a flat GTK theme for Ubuntu and other GNOME-based Linux desktops. It’s available in three striking variants, all of which have their own signature flourish:

  • Ant  light, with red highlight
  • Ant Dracula – dark, with pink highlight, green accent
  • Ant Bloody – mix of dark and light, with red highlight, green accent

The color palette of the Ant Bloody is perfect for Hallowe’en as it pairs an antique off-white background with blood red text and gunky green accents

The macOS-inspired window controls in each of the variants are, for my tastes at least, a little out of place. Ant would benefit from original window control assets that match its otherwise individual personality.

Download Ant GTK Theme

Like the look of the minimal Ant theme? Follow the instructions below to download, install and use the Ant GTK theme on your own Ubuntu desktop:

1. Download the variant you wish to use from GNOME-Look

2. Extract the zip file to the ~/.themes/ directory in your Home folder

3. Select the Ant theme variant you want to use using the GNOME Teaks or Unity Tweak Tool (both available in the Software Centre)

If you’re looking for a new set of icons to go with this theme check out our list of the best icon themes for Ubuntu.

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