raspberry pi CM3
An actual Raspberry Pi CM3

Ubuntu Core is now available for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3.

To refresh your memory, Ubuntu Core is Canonical’s stripped down, streamlined, and super-secure version of Ubuntu based on Snappy.

And now it’s available for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3), released back in January.

The CM3 is a simple single-board computer that can connects via a DDR2 SODIMM connector. It’s powered by the BCM2837 processor used in the Raspberry Pi 3, has 1GB RAM, and ships with a 4GB of flash storage.

The primary use of the CM3 is for industrial and embedded usage but, given the ingenuity of the Raspberry Pi community, I’m sure some novel and unexpected uses will be thought of for it!

Ubuntu Core Support “highly significant”

Now, don’t get too excited; this news doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run a fully-fledged Ubuntu desktop on the CM3 (!). But this barebones version of Ubuntu will be just the ticket for tinkerers, makers and developers toying about with IoT (Internet of Things) ideas.

Eben Upton, CEO at Raspberry Pi, is very excited by the arrival of Ubuntu Core, saying “…official support for Ubuntu Core is highly significant for our Compute Module 3. It opens up a huge community of developers keen to leverage Ubuntu’s particular advantages in the IoT world; its resource-efficient footprint, versatility, and industry leading security benefits.”

Canonical say the CM3 with Ubuntu Core “creates a fantastic way to successfully deploy devices in production”, allowing developers to create new IoT products and connected devices, as well as offering a potentially smaller and more efficient replacement for some devices which are powered by the larger Raspberry Pi boards.

Keen to learn more? Head over to the IoT page of the Ubuntu website for documenting, details and download links.

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