GParted has long been the go-to tool for disk and file-system management on Linux — but GNOME Disks is fast catching up.

A core system utility, GNOME Disks (also known as GNOME Disk Utility) is used to manage disk drives and mountable media. It lets you format and partition drives; mount and unmount partitions and quest SMART features (where available).

But it hasn’t been able to resize partitions or perform file system repair — until now.

gnome disks resize partition screenshot

Work by developer Kai Lüke finally lets GNOME Disks resize partitions and their filesystems, and check filesystems and repair them.

Both features are at an early stage of development and Kai notes that many UI pieces are yet to be worked out. UDisks jobs also don’t currently indicate progress, which presents another hurdle.

Kai also adds they he’d “like to add NTFS support and improve the FAT resize support” too.

Due to the nature of development there’s no guarantee that these features will arrive in GNOME Disks 3.26, pencilled in for an October release.

But hey, knowing that these features are on the way is great to hear, isn’t it?

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