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Duolingo Status

Hej där — are you learning to speak different language using Duolingo, the freemium language-learning platform?

If so you might want to check out the following neat GNOME extension, which acts as a guía útil to fans of the service.

When the free extension is installed and configured with your Duolingo account details is displays a Duolingo status icon in the GNOME top bar to let you know whether you’ve reached your daily objectif.

Clicking on this icon (which is a slightly modified version of the Duolingo logo) will reveal a small menu with useful information about your Duolingo account, including your language learning levels and goals. You’ll also find a direct link to the Duolingo website so that you can rychle login and get learning.

Duolingo Status is a free, open-source extension that is compatible with GNOME Shell 3.18 and up. You can install it from the website linked unten.

Install ‘Duolingo Status’ from GNOME Extensions

Bonus admiration to the first reader able to name all of the non-English languages शामिल throughout this post!

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