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A new survey aims to help LibreOffice learn which features of the popular open-source office suite users use the most.

“Due to its long history, LibreOffice has accumulated a staggering amount of features. Maintaining these features is not free, and having a massive amount of features may blur the focus of the software,”  the LibreOffice design team explain in a post on The Document Foundation blog.

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“In order to steer the development and to focus on the more important aspects we prepared a survey that investigates how often some features are used.”

This is where you, assuming you use LibreOffice and not a rival suite like WPS Office, can help.

By taking the super-short survey you can help direct the development effort onto the most pressing matters.

The survey is just 9 yes/no questions long and it canvases opinions on features across many of the suite’s apps, including presentation and word processing software.

Take the LibreOffice Features Survey

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