If you keep hearing about Snap apps and Snappy, but aren’t entirely sure what all the fuss is about, there’s now a handy primer.

A short video (embedded above) published by the developers behind Snappy offers a concise introduction to the technology.

In just under 4 minutes time you’ll be fully up to speed on what this Snap stuff is all about, how it works, and why everyone from desktop app developers to software vendors in the IoT space are getting excited by it.

While it is (understandably) more developer orientated than end-user, it manages to adequately distill all the essentials details one needs to know about the technology in a straightforward, bite-size and friendly manner.

Like Flatpak, Snaps make it easy for application developers and software vendors to package, distribute and update their software across Linux devices, safely and securely, from super computers to smart lightbulbs.

Build once. Publish Once. Run on many Linux systems — that’s the Snappy motto.

Video snappy snaps