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A Linux version of Nylas Mail, the cross-plaform desktop e-mail client, is available for testing.

The open-source app succeeds the old Nylas N1 client, which was discontinued last year.

Since we last mentioned the app back in January a few things have changed. For one, the app has introduced a number of different account tiers (developer, starter, business, etc) but it seems that a basic run-of-the-mill free account is still available for Gmail and IMAP users.

Unlike N1, which used a middle-man server to process your mail, Nylas Mail 2.0 uses a backend that connects directly to Gmail, or Yahoo!, Exchange or IMAP for your emails, which are now stored on your own computer.

The Nylas Cloud is still around, but is now only used for a couple of pro-user features, like link tracking, and for developers who want to create plugins for the app to do all sorts of clever things with their emails.

If you used the old N1 client you’ll find that the new one isn’t hugely different as, more of less, it still looks and feels similar. There are a decent crop of features available to Basic plan users, including:

  • Multiple account support
  • Unified inbox
  • Undo send
  • Quick reply templates
  • Signatures
  • Spell checking
  • Fast search
  • Themes

Advanced features, access to/use of certain APIs, Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange accounts, and support for more than 10 different e-mail accounts requires a paid plan. 

Download Nylas Mail for Ubuntu

A beta build of Nylas Mail for Ubuntu (64bit) is available to download from the app’s official homepage:

Download Nylas Mail for Ubuntu

Windows and macOS downloads, along with an .rpm installer for Fedora, are also available from the Nylas Mail webpage.

Thanks Arpit K. G.

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