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The Telegram messaging service recently rolled out support for custom themes, and the Linux design community has been quick to pick up its pencils and response.

While we’re yet to see an Ubuntu Ambiance theme for the chat client appear, fans of the super popular Arc GTK theme who use Telegram can now theme the messaging app to better blend in with their desktop.

The ‘Arc-2 theme for Telegram‘ is the work of Deviant Art user ~art-2, who says they “made this theme for personal use but maybe someone else could like it too.”

Download Arc Telegram Theme

The Arc Telegram theme is available in two variants: Arc and Arc Dark. There’s no Arc Darker variant, so you’ll need to use the Dark version to blend with the window borders:

arc dark telegram theme

To use the theme(s) you’ll need to be running the latest version of the Telegram desktop Linux app. Next, download the theme from the link below and unzip. Then send the relevant .tdesktop-theme file in any chat on Telegram — pro tip: start a private chat with yourself — and you’ll see an option to apply it.

Download Arc Theme for Telegram

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