It’s no secret that the Arc GTK theme is our go-to recommendation for Linux users bored of their distro’s default design.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by our readers. William emailed us to say recommend a GTK theme that isn’t Arc — and it’s pretty nice!

“Been a while since I saw a non arc-theme related GTK theming post. I just loaded Vimix on my machine, and it looks fantastic, the laptop variants come in both red (ruby) and blue, (doder), it’s a nice clean minimalist theme.”

Like Arc, the Vimix GTK theme is flat. Flat as flat. If you’re a fan of gradients, heavy shadows, and accented flourishes you won’t find them in this theme.

But if you simplicity with a splash of  bright, bold color, Vimix is definitely worth a look.

vimix gtk theme for ubuntu

Available in both light and dark variants, each available in 3 colours: a green/grey¹, ruby (red), and doder (blue).

Under Unity yhe theme has bright traffic light coloured window control pips which are retained when windows are maximized into the top panel.

You’ll find Vimix GTK theme installers available to download from the project’s Github page.

¹As i’ve mentioned in the past, I am color blind.

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