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DiRT Rally is officially headed to Linux, games porting supremos Feral Interactive has today announced.

The latest instalment in the DiRT series lands on Linux in early March, and will put tux-loving players in the driving seat of some of the world’s most iconic rally cars, like the Lancia Delta S4!

Even better, it’s been confirmed that multiplayer will work for up to four players across Linux and Window — that’s gonna make Rallycross events a cross-platform contest of ultra-competitive proportions!

Though we all know Linux drivers are better, right? ;)

DiRT Rally was originally released on Windows back in 2015. Console editions followed in 2016. Codemasters announced DiRT 4, the first direct sequel since 2011’s Dirt 3, will be released in April.

DiRT Rally for Linux

The game boasts more than 70 stages, spread out across the world. From races in the mud-ridden valleys of Wales (Mawr!), to the suburban bustle of Germany (Ja!) via the snow-sodden fjords of Sweden (Så bra!), you’ll race in a range of environments with testing weather conditions.

“Career mode forms the core of the game: players start on the bottom rung of the rally ladder and compete in a series of championships. As they work their way up to the top division, they’ll earn in-game money, which they can use to buy new cars [and] hire a team of engineers to repair their vehicles between stages,” explains a giant paragraph I’ve copy and pasted from the official press release.

DiRT Rally captures the essence of rally racing with an advanced handling model, giving players a thrillingly authentic simulation,” says David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive.

“Whether players are splashing through water in bucolic Wales or getting to grips with the snow in Sweden, they’ll need to adapt their style to stay ahead. This is rally racing at the next level.”

DiRT Rally for Linux will be available to buy from the Feral Store and from Steam priced at £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99) from March 2, 2017. 

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