The GPD Pocket crowdfunder has only been live on IndieGoGo for just over 24 hours but it’s has already amassed a staggering $700,000 — $500,000 more than it was seeking!

With 2 months left to run the question now is can the diminutive computing device can go on to hit the $1 million mark? With momentum and demand are clearly there, so I certainly wouldn’t count it out!

Specs Bump

Buoyed by the early success of its campaign GPD yesterday announced they have doubled the amount of RAM from 4GB to 8GB, and bumped up the processor. 

The original pitch touted a model powered by a (capable enough) Intel Atom x7-Z8700 SoC. This has been switched to the newer, and marginally faster Intel Atom x7-Z8750. Along with an improved burst frequency of 2.56GHz, the move also improves the graphics performance, with integrated Intel HD Graphics 405 now onboard.

The Ubuntu model is less popular

The GPD Pocket is available with a choice of operating system. Backers can opt for a model running Windows 10, or a model running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. No “dual-boot” option is offered.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it appears that more backers are opting to back the Windows 10 models than the ones pre-loaded with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Of the lowest priced $399 pledge 712 of 5,000 Windows 10 models have been claimed (as the time of writing) while just 121 of 5,000 Ubuntu models have.

As some of you noted in the comments to an earlier article, it’s a little …odd that the Ubuntu model isn’t offered at a lower price. When the “all in” price includes a Windows 10 license perhaps backers are simply being canny, knowing they can (probably/hopefully) load Ubuntu by themselves.

Back it on IndieGoGo

If you’re intrigued by the laptop you can find out more on the IndieGoGo page for the GPD Pocket, where the crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to run for another 2 months. Devices are expected to ship starting June, 2017.

Learn more about the GPD Pocket on IndieGoGo

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