lts-miniMesa 13.0.3 may shortly be available to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS users to install, without needing to add any additional PPAs.

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, which was recently delayed for some last-minute spit and polish, ships with a new hardware enablement (HWE) stack.

This HWE update, which also comprises an updated Linux kernel (v4.8), various graphics drivers, and stack bumps, will — based on what’s recently landed in the X transition staging PPA — ship with Mesa 13.0.3, the most recent stable release of the open-source OpenGL implementation.

Update: Seems we got ahead of ourselves. The 16.04.2 HWE will ship with the less exciting Mesa 12.0.6.

Mesa 13.0.3 is notable as it features a stack of bug fixes for Intel and Radeon hardware, including a fix for an issue that affected the Team Fortress 2 game running on Ubuntu.

You can learn more about what else is and improved in the mesa release by reading the official Mesa 13.0.3 release announcement.

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, the first point release that ships with the HWE kernel, is due for release in early February.

Thanks Sturm F.

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