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Merry Kwistmwahhs

As I write this it’s still December 24. Thus, you don’t need me to tell you that it’s Christmas (and if you do: invest in a coffee maker, cos you really need to smell some!).

Yup, tomorrow is the “big day”, and you’ll no doubt be super busy unwrapping gift sets and socks, gorging on melty-middle chocolate truffles, and squinting in confusion as that auntie that no-one in your family is sure is even related to you asks for “help” with her “office windows” (does she mean Microsoft Office on Windows, or a literal window…).

So, before then, I wanted to waste a post take a few moments now to say that we hope you all have a merry xmas, super solstice, god jul, or whatever else your choice of cultural variation is for this time of the year.

Yup, that even includes narky commenters who make me flip tables by not reading the article before sniping away!

Naturally, as a Brit, i’m sort of insulated from the festive hyping that goes on at this time the year. It’s a national tradition to act flustered and cynical around about now. Chocolate induced nausea aside, I hope you are able to enjoy the festive break, with family, friends, cats, more cats, and loved ones (and preferably more cats again).

Pssst, if you get any particularly awesome geeky gifts that run Linux in some form, do ping us!).

There should be a few new articles to read here over the holidays, so do feel free to come have a gander at whatever we’ve churned out, sherry (grim) on breath and mince pie in hand.

I’ll stop short of making predictions about what we might see happen (or not happen) in Ubuntu, Linux and the wider FOSS community next year. Such predictions are usually about as reliable as one of those posh looking pens you get in a xmas cracker.

Take some time to relax, watch Doctor Who, fill your face, and make the special people in your life feel even more special.

Happy holidays from OMG! Ubuntu! (and Keith, our retired mascot): 


And, as a bonus xmas treat, here’s a pointless button that will open the FOSS equivalent for Santa’s Grotto

Ho Ho Ho

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