Oops, this is a duplicate post of the one before it. To get the full details on what’s new in the Lightworks 14 beta please check out that one.

But, since I can’t pull this post without a) upsetting the gods of SEO, or b) fudging our Android app, let’s put this post to good use by… Playing a game of eye-spy? Simon says? No?

I don’t know what to do then, but since I have your attention here’s a pretty sick music video by favourite band of the moment, ROAM that was edited in Lightworks¹.

What else can I do to add some Content Value™ here? Oh, yes, here’s the oldest picture of a penguin in our WordPress media gallery:

Tux Tie

I agree.

I’m half tempted to grab a can of shaving foam and really mess this place up, but my coffee is getting cold and, well, I just herd that Windows 10 is coming to ARM so I needed to WTF about that.


¹I’m lying. It was (probably) edited in Avid