Tresorit for Linux is an end-to-end encrypted file sharing service that allows teams to collaborate securely and easily.

Or so says the press release that landed in my inbox a few days ago.

I generally steer clear of writing about things I don’t use, can’t use or won’t use. Tresorit falls firmly in the former camp as it is aimed at businesses and enterprise users rather than desktop ones like me (and a great many of you).

But it has a features that warrant it a mention, as illustrated by this comparison chart that pits Tresorit against Dropbox, SpiderOak and Box:

comparison chart with dropbox

The press release says: “Our zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption provides ultimate security for files: unlike standard file sharing solutions, our encryption is done on the user’s s device, guaranteeing that no one else can access the files besides the owner”.

Tresorit is based in Switzerland, and all user data is protected by Swiss privacy laws (stricter than those in the USA, and the EU).

Tresorit isn’t free. It costs between £10-£15 a month per use for small businesses, which gives 1TB  storage space per user.  Bespoke, but more expensive, enterprise plans are also available.

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