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Looking for a Linux icon set that’s a little understated and less in your face? Check out Victory.

Bombastic name aside, there’s nothing particularly imposing about the Victory icon set. It doesn’t dominant the desktop in the way that something that some modern themes, like the bright and bashful Kylin icon set, do.

It’s a soft, colorful and almost tactile theme. It is cotton to the polyester playfulness of the Paprirus icon theme. The light hues, and pastel color palette are all gentle on the eye.

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Circular and rounded square frames are used in many of the glyphs, but Victory never feels like its creativity or form is impacted by it, nor does it feel rigid and uniform. This is important because it means fallback icons don’t stand out as much as they do on something like Numix Circle.

Download Victory Icon Theme

Victory is a GTK icon theme and is currently in testing, and not fully complete. Expect to find a few icons missing here and there, particularly for newer applications.

The set was created primarily for use on XFCE but works just dandy on other DEs, including GNOME, LXDE, Budgie and (of course) Unity.

Victory inherits (among others) the elementary-xfce-dark, elementary, and Humanity icons themes. If you’d rather see it fall back to a different set you can edit the ‘inherits’ value in the theme.index file with the name of your preferred icon set.

Download Victory Icon Theme from Github

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