corebird 1.3 compose box screenshot

“Ack! Ack!” is the sound made by a Corebird, the most social of social birds, when it’s experiencing a few issues.

Sort of like it is right now.

The nifty native GTK+ Twitter client for Linux saw a new update at the end of September, picking up support for Twitter’s newer, longer tweets, and improved handling of blocked and muted accounts.

But it also introduced a few nasty bugs, too.

Corebird 1.3.3 is an bug-fix update that, the app’s developer says, solves issues with “crashing a lot after upgrading to 1.3.2”.

Since we chirped loudly at the previous release we felt we ought to chirp just as loudly for this one.

Among the bug fixes n’ polish taking flight in Corebird 1.3.3:

  • Improved support for Twitter’s new ‘longer tweets’
  • Properly escape ampersand characters in user mentions
  • Fix tweet length calculation for whitespace and quote tweets
  • Use the correct NSFW status in a tweet to avoid rude images appearing
  • Sending a tweet with multiple images attached no longer causes a crash

Corebird 1.3.3 is available to download as source from Github. It should also be available to install as an update courtesy of Panda Jim:

Download Corebird 1.3.3 Installer (64-bit)

Download Corebird 1.3.3 Installer (32-bit)

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