Ubuntu OTA-13 rolled out earlier this week with some nifty new features in tow.

Among the changes is (long overdue) support for copy and pasting between native Ubuntu Touch apps and old-skool legacy Ubuntu apps.

Ubuntu Phone fan Popescu Sorin has uploaded a short video showing how copy/paste between native Mir apps and XMir apps works in this latest release.

Obviously process of copy/paste itself isn’t that interesting: a tap here, a tap there, and then another tap elsewhere.

But seeing in context of the rest of the “convergent” tablet experience is useful. The Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet is currently the only commercially available Ubuntu device on sale. You may be interested in buying one.

Popescu Sorin has also uploaded a more general video in which he “monkeys around” with the tablet’s latest update, demoing some of the apps and games you can use on Ubuntu Touch.

These aren’t well rehearsed or choreographed  walkthroughs. They’re rough and ready real-world demos of how the Ubuntu Tablet OS is functioning today, several OTA updates on from its initial (and somewhat shaky) debut.

Ubuntu Tablet Video Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition OTA-13 xmir