Among the changes which arrived in the September release of Firefox 49 were an enhanced set of Reader Mode features, including spoken narration and line-width spacing options. 

All very welcome.

But the improvements aren’t stopping there.

Firefox 50, which is due next month, will add another sorely needed feature: a keyboard shortcut for Reader Mode.

Yes, I know, I know. You can stop scoffing. A keyboard shortcut is hardly revolutionary.

But it’s important. For one, it helps improve accessibility of the feature that I — maybe even you — routinely forget is there!

The Firefox Reader Mode keyboard shortcut is currently bound to Cmd+Alt+R on macOS, and Alt+R on Windows and Linux.

These shortcuts are unlikely to conflict with anything else set on the system, but should something go awry between now and the stable release it may be changed.

If you’ve never tried Firefox Reader Mode you simple need to load a compatible web-page (i’ve no idea why some pages support it and other’s don’t, fwiw) and click the ‘reader’ icon in the address bar.

  • Source: Bugzilla (via Jarlath - thanks!)
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