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Last week we mentioned — aka drooled over — Spotio, a Rdio-inspired light theme for the Spotify desktop app, was planning to add support for Linux.

Today I’m happy to report that it does support Linux.

I’m going to skip over the “whys” of Spotio in this post as we covered it in the previous one (and to be brutally honest the short answer is simply “because”).

To install Spotio on Ubuntu 16.04 you’ll need to roll up your sleeves. Don’t panic though, as the Spotio developers have made this as simple as possible.

Install Spotio on Ubuntu

First, download the latest Spotio release from GitHub by clicking the oversized button below:

Download Spotio From GitHub

When fully downloaded you will need to unzip the archive. Do this by opening your Downloads folder (assuming that’s where you downloaded it to), right-click on the ‘’, select the ‘Extract Here’ option from the right-click menu, and let File Roller do its thing.

Next, you’ll need to run the script that’s inside the newly extracted folder. This is best done using the Terminal. To open one up press Ctrl + Alt + T.

Enter the following command to enter the folder you extracted:

cd ~/Downloads/spotio-master

And enter this command to run the setup script inside:


The script will do a number of things, including downloading the latest Spotify for Linux release, unpacking it, replacing its theme/skin assets, and repacking it all into a new installer.

Once complete head to the ‘dist’ folder:

cd dist/

And install Spotio:

sudo dpkg -i spotio.deb

This will replace any existing Spotify version you have installed.

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