Right click on background tabs

A new Vivaldi snapshot is available to download.

But brace yourself: it makes Yahoo! the default search provider.

It’s a move that I expect will thrill just about zero Vivladi fans. Thankfully the team cautions that the search engine switch is simply a test, and that it wants to hear user feedback on the decision.

It is easy to switch back to Bing (the browser’s previous default) or set another search engine (like the awesome DuckDuckGo) as the default search handler: just head to settings to switch it around.

Among the other miscellaneous changes that land in this milestone, including more mouse gestures and an option to disable WebRTC, is a notable new addition for Linux users: tab hibernation.

Tab Hibernation in Vivaldi

“Tab Hibernation places tabs you don’t use into hibernation and frees up system resources,” Vivaldi explain in a blogpost.

To set it up right-click on the tab you wish to hibernate and select “Hibernate Tab”. If you wish to hibernate all other tabs currently open (save the one you’re viewing) selected “Hibernate All Tabs”.

Tabs will reload and come back from sleep when you switch back them.

Download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.3.534.3 (64bit)

Download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.3.534.3 (32bit)

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