GNOME Shell 3.20

GNOME Shell is by far one of the most extensible Linux desktop environment out there.

And a large part of what makes the DE so fantastically flexible is its easy-to-use extension framework.

GNOME Shell Extensions are small blobs of code written by developers that can add to, adjust or radically change the way your GNOME desktop looks and behaves.

For example, some extensions make minor change, like moving the clock applet to the left or showing the current weather forecast in the panel. Others can do more substantive things, like replacing the Activities Overview with an always-on-show desktop dock.

Extensions are super easy to install, too. You just head to the official GNOME Extensions website, find an add-on you want to try, and slide the toggle to “on” to install it.

You can remove, disable and/or configure GNOME extensions at any time through the same website. Just point your web browser at to manage the extensions you have installed.

What Are The Best GNOME Shell Extensions?


This reader’s choice focuses on your favourite GNOME Shell Extensions.

Does Dash-to-Dock do it for you? Perhaps you’re a weather bug who needs the temperature on show all day, every day? Maybe you can’t work without a world clock applet? 

Whichever, whatever; we want to know what your favourite, most-used, must-have GNOME extension is.

How To Nominate

As with the previous showdowns the process works like this:

  1. You nominate your favourites in week one
  2. We spotlight the 5 most suggested in week two

Use the contact form below to send in your top pick.

Note: only entries received through this form will count. Don’t nominate in the comments section (but feel free to share your opinions there) and don’t send us a DM, snail mail or a raven. If you’re reading this via RSS, through our Android app, or on a site passing off this content as its own, you’ll need to visit

When nominating an extension please make sure to include a link to install it from (official source, if possible).

Nominations now closed. Thanks for taking part!
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