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A couple days ago we got a little giddy covering burgeoning support for Chromecast in VLC 3.0.

Many of you were equally as excited as us, even though a formal, stable release of VLC 3.0 is still many months away.

But, if you’re brave, you  can try the latest bleeding edge release of VLC on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Install VLC Nightly on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

This post makes a lot of assumptions; I’m going to assume that you are super sensible and fully aware of the usual caveats that accompany the use of pre-release software, i.e., bugs, bugs and, er, more bugs.

If you want a version of VLC that ‘just works’, doesn’t futz and can be relied on you should install the latest stable release from the Ubuntu archives.

But you want a version of VLC that is newer but potentially rough around the edges, read on…

1. Add the VLC Master Daily PPA

The VLC Master PPA provides “nightly” builds of the media player for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and up.

It’s naturally not a recommended or advised update to make, but you’re big enough to know whether you can handle it.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/master-daily

2. Install (or upgrade) VLC

sudo apt install vlc

3. Use it

Open VLC from the Unity Dash (or equivalent app launcher).


A VLC 3.0 Snap is also available thanks to the Snappy Playpen initiative.

To install the VLC 3.0 Snap app on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above just run this command:

sudo apt install vlc --classic

Set Expectations To ‘Oh’, not ‘Wow’

Don’t expect a massive change; VLC is a reliable bit of software and big dramatic changes rarely happen overnight.

That said, the 3.0 series is set to introduce some nifty new features alongside all of the usual container/playback fixes and tweaks.

Among them is experimental Chromecast support. Don’t get carried away just yet. While various bits and peices required to stream content from your Linux desktop to a Cast ready TV is present in the latest nightlies the bits that hook it up to a GUI are not (at least at the time of writing).

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