steam-tileGrab your Steam Controller (and probably your wallet) because a shiny new stable release of the Steam client has begun rolling out to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.

The latest Steam client update brings a bunch of improvements to Steam VR (check the release notes for the full skinny on those) as well as various fixes and tweaks for Big Picture, In-Home Streaming and general all-round performance.

The Steam Controller, Valve’s home-spun joypad-come-mouse-come-awesome-sauce, gains a 1-UP in this update:

  • You can create your own ‘action sets’ with specific bindings & mode shifts
  • New binding to show on-screen keyboard
  • New binding to ‘take screenshot’
  • Joystick Click and A/B/X/Y now work as mode shift buttons
  • Pop-up menu added to Big Picture overlay to show Action Set activation
  • User definable action sets for legacy games
  • Fix for Horizontal Invert setting not working on Mouse Joystick

And that’s just a titchy-tiny teaser of the improvements.

We don’t have a Steam controller of our own, so we’re relying on you folks to tell us just how good these improvements are in real life.

You can find out more about this update by clicking through to the official Steam announcement. An update prompt should appear to all users on Windows, Mac and Linux in the coming few days.

Impatient? You can force update by heading to the Steam menu > “Check for Steam Client Updates“.

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